Tayrona National Park

Double beaches and x marks the spot


Tayrona National Park is 30 kilometres (approximately 19 miles) away from Santa Marta. You will find some of the unique biodiversity of the Sierra Nevada on display here. You’ll find soft, sandy beaches and be able to look from the shore to the tops of the 900 metre (approximately 2,950 feet) peaks in the 150 square kilometre (approximately 58 square miles) park.

The waters are warm in Tayrona

Taganga makes up one border of the park. The other side is marked by the Piedras River. Over 100 species of mammals and 300 species of birds live in Tayrona National Park. You might even see one of the over 30 species of reptiles or some of the over 400 species of fish if you go for a swim in a river or the ocean. While you’re wandering through the tropical coast some of the almost 800 species of plants will shade you from the sun.

You can walk to the coast from the entrance to the park in an hour or so and then be at a camp within three hours. There are campsites with hammocks or tents available to rent. Even one night is enough to get a taste of Tayrona National Park.

If you can’t do the La Ciudad Perdida trek then there are some ruins you can visit in Tayrona. The ruins of Chairama, or ‘El Pueblito’ as it’s commonly known, can give you an idea of what the Tayrona people were capable of. Follow the path from Cabo San Juan del Guia.

Time for fishing

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