Surrounding Areas

This region of Colombia represents a microcosm of the world itself.

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You’ll find a desert in the Guajira, interesting rock formations and beautiful beaches in Tayrona National Park and maybe have a chance to gaze up almost six thousand meters at the peaks that make up the Sierra Nevada.


Further down the slopes you’ll find Minca, a little hideaway with coffee farms, waterfalls and hummingbirds. Santa Marta itself offers historic buildings and a great base to launch all of your explorations. You’ll find Taganga just around the corner for both relaxing and backpacker partying. Rodadero offers an upmarket feel with plenty of Caribbean food and dancing.

You might fly into Colombia via Barranquilla and experience some of the passion the country is famous for. Or you could wander around historic Cartagena and get lost in the city of romance.