Tour Companies

There are five tour operators authorized to do the La Ciudad Perdida trek:

  1. Turcol
  2. Expotur-Eco
  3. Magic Tours
  4. Guias y Baquianos
  5. Wiwa Tours (New addition, 2019- Indigenous tour company)

Sierra Tours is no longer operating treks to the Lost City.

One type of vehicle to get you to the start of the trail

Each company should offer you a similar experience but you will find variations in the itinerariesPlease double check with your tour operator for the latest information.

(You will need to dial 03 before calling a mobile phone number from a land line in Colombia)

General Information about the Trek:

  • Treks must be arranged through a tour company.
  • Tours may leave the next day or take a couple of days to leave, depending on numbers.
  • There is a second trail leading to La Ciudad Perdida called the La Tagua route but it is closed (JUNE 2012).
  • All companies have agreed to a 1,100,000 COP (approximately USD$348 – February 2019) price for the trek regardless of the days (there may still be discounts available, especially to groups).
  • Helicopters were allowed to land at the site in the past but this has been stopped due to damage to the ruins. Military helicopters may still land at the site.
  • Scenic helicopter flights over the Sierra Nevada and La Ciudad Perdida are available.
  • Military supplies may be offered for sale but it is illegal for non-military personnel to be in possession of official Colombian military gear.
  • English speaking guides are around although they are scarce. (request in advance with the tour company)
  • The treks are all inclusive.
  • Vegetarian dishes may be an option. (request in advance with the tour company)

Room for six or eight people on bench seats