Sample Itinerary

This is a typical itinerary for the five day La Ciudad Perdida trek. Please check with your tour operator when booking as itineraries will vary.


Day 1.
Walk: 3-4hrs
Meals Included: Lunch and Dinner
4WD from either Taganga or Santa Marta. Arrive at the town of El Mamey. First river crossing and the chance to swim under a waterfall. Get ready to sweat. Uphill walk with jungle views at the top. Camp and the chance to talk over dinner and beers (approximately 3,500 COP / USD$1.80). Lie back in your hammock and listen to the sounds of nature.

Day 2. *
Walk: 4hrs
Meals Included: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
Set off in the morning and follow the valley carved out by the Buritaca River. Pass coffee plantations and walk through the Kogi village of Mutanshi. Continue to the first camp with the jungle stretching up into the hills behind you. Plenty of time to relax, jump in the river, play cards or read a book.

Day 3.
Campsite: Lost City
Walk: 6hrs
Meals Included: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
Follow paths along the Buritaca River, cross 8 times. Spectacular views. Climb the 1200 mossy stairs to reach Teyuna, the Lost City. Your guide will take you through the history of Teyuna. You’re free to wander around and take photos. Explore the many pathways and structures in the city then take care walking down the steps if it has rained. Dive into the fountain of youth.

Day 4.
Campsite: Lost City/Close to Lost City
Walk: 5hrs
Meals Included: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
Head back to the day three campsite. A long walk today broken up into two sections. A steep, sweaty ascent and slippery descents. More chances to take photos in the Buritaca valley. Free time to swim in the river.

Day 5.
Walk: 3-4hrs
Meals Included: Breakfast
An early start to get back to El Mamey. A final chance to swim and cool off at the first river crossing. Walk into the town and back into civilization. A bumpy, two hour ride back to Taganga or Santa Marta.

* Cocaine Tour
Day 2
There was the possibility of seeing the process of making cocaine, although this is no longer being offered. The cost of the tour was around 20,000 COP (approximately USD$11).

Swimming holes
The Buritaca River has some deep swimming holes where you can spend your free time.

Toilet and shower facilities
All camps have toilets. Bring toilet paper. Basic, cold showers are available on nights two, three and four.

Snacks and Drinks
Snacks and beer (approximately 3,500 COP / USD$1.80) are sold on the way. The further along the trail, the more expensive.
You may find a Kogi shaman who keeps watch of the ruins selling cold beer from his generator-powered fridge.

Other Information
Groups are usually between 6-16 people.
English speaking guides are difficult to find.
Cost: 1,100,000 COP (approximately USD$348 – February 2019) for all tour lengths.