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Our Mission

We love Ciudad Perdida and Colombia.


From the moment we heard about it from fellow travellers we knew we had to do it. People commented that it was like being in a real life Indiana Jones or that it was like exploring Machu Picchu decades ago. We were hooked.

At the time we were both living in Medellin and we set out to plan our adventure to the Lost City but what we found was a lack of reliable, up to date information that covered everything a potential visitor needed to know. We also wanted to learn more about the site, the native people and what was happening in the surrounding areas.

So, we created both as a guide for travellers who come after us and also to promote the Teyuna site so it can be protected for future generations.

Bringing together our backgrounds, one of us a photographer and writer, the other a web guru we laboured away. We translated Spanish language resources to English, we found tidbits of information from travel blogs and diverse sources and we also took extensive notes when we did the hike ourselves.

What we ended up with was this. Something we hope serves you as you head into your adventure. If it helped you out, we hope you read on and contribute to keeping this site available as a resource for travellers everywhere.



How You Can Help!

We’ve lived the backpacker life, had too many pasta dinners and dorms filled with snorers so we know help isn’t just about giving some money (although that helps!). We’ve listed a few different ways you can help Ciudad Perdida and this site.


1. Spread the Word About Ciudad Perdida and Colombia (Free)

If you enjoyed the hike and Colombia as a whole, tell your friends, family and other travellers about the experience. Colombia and Colombians benefits greatly from tourism. It helps protect vast areas of the Colombian ecosystem and also changes the perception of Colombia being a drug-riddled war zone.

A lot of travellers also only see the cities of Colombia and with Ciudad Perdida being a remote destination it needs promoting.


2. Spread the Word About the Site (Free)

Our advertising budget? $0. What we lack in monetary resources though we make up for in enthusiasm. If you could tell your friends, family and other travellers who are planning on visiting Ciudad Perdida and northern Colombia about us we’d be extremely grateful.

We also have a Facebook Page where we post updates and news about Ciudad Perdida as well as answer any questions you may have. If you could hit the like button on that page we promise not to spam you with cat pictures… unless you’re into that.

When you book your trip (if you haven’t already been), tell the hiking company that you found out about them from us. It helps convince them to work with us to provide you accurate information about hiking conditions and pricing.


3. Send In Your Notes, Photos and Trip Reports (Free)

Did you encounter something not mentioned on the site? Was their a price difference? We want to hear from you so we can update our site with the most accurate information on the internet.

If you have a trip report, cool story or some photos of your trip we’d love to share them with our readers, either here or on our Facebook Page. We’ll give you full credit and you can enjoy the karma that comes from helping a fellow traveller.

We can be reached at


4. Purchase Something (Kind of Free?)

We help keep the lights on this place by providing relevant affiliate links to things we think you guys will need like hostels, hotels, flights and travel insurance.

If you are already purchasing those things we would love it if you could click on one of our links to do it. We hunted down the cheapest deals and believe in the companies we link to. For every purchase you make we get a few dollars that we put back into running this site (and buying noodles).


5. Donate (Whatever You Can Spare)

If you can’t afford it, that is completely cool but if you’ve got a few extra dollars and want to help out we’d love you. We have no set minimum because… well who does that?

Thanks for reading this far! Safe travels!