"Discover a time before Machu Picchu."

Waterfalls. Steamy Jungle. River Crossings. Native Villages. Ancient Ruins. The Fountain of Youth.

About Ciudad Perdida

The Tayrona people built La Ciudad Perdida over 1000 years ago. They called it Teyuna. The Spanish invasion pushed the natives high into the Sierra Nevada until they were so dispersed that their numbers dwindled and their cities were abandoned. The jungle reclaimed the Lost City…until tombraiders found gold.

Hiking Guide

Book a trek with one of the tour companies and you can get ready to pack for your journey to the Lost City. All your questions will be answered here. Check out the trail or read some itineraries. Learn about staying safe and what the army is doing for you.

Surrounding Areas

There’s more than a Lost City to discover in this part of Colombia. From the Guajira desert down to Cartagena you’ll find historical buildings, waterfalls, smooth, sandy beaches in Tayrona national park or coffee farms in Minca.